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Credit Application
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Resale Certificate
In order to avoid sales tax on your purchase, we must have a valid resale certificate on file for you. Information on obtaining a resale certificate can be obtained at the State Board of Equalization.


Nuvera 120
1200 dpi; 120 lpi; 120 ppm; max 216 gsm

Docutech 135
600 dpi; 106 lpi; 135 ppm; max 200 gsm

13" x 19", 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi, prints on 14pt cover weight

PDF files are highly preferred for all files. Please make sure that the PDF's are properly prepared. Fonts must be embedded in your PDF document for reliable output.

When providing native files please supply all fonts and graphic links.

Native File Information


  • Adobe Acrobat 6
  • Adobe IllustratorCS 11
  • Adobe InDesignCS 3
  • Adobe PhotoshopCS 8
  • Macromedia FreeHandMX 11
  • AppleWorks 6
  • File Maker Pro 6
  • Microsoft Word 2004
  • Microsoft Excel 2004
  • Microsft PowerPoint 2004
  • QuarkXpress 6.1


  • Adobe Acrobat 6
  • Adobe InDesign 2
  • Microsoft Word XP
  • Microsoft PowerPoint XP
  • Microsoft Excel XP

PDF and PostScript Files

We prefer to have Postscript files or PDF files that have been created using the Xerox Docutech 135, Nuvera 120, or CANON ImagePRESS 6000 VP drivers. If you are using any of the software listed above you can provide us with native files, however, PDF & PS files eliminate many reflow problems. If providing native files make sure your disk contains all supporting files and fonts (printer & screen). Create a separate folder with the files to be output. If you need information on how to postscript your document for Docutech please download and read instructions.

Specific Problems Regarding Microsoft Word Documents

Microsoft Word is a word processing program! It is not intended to be a page layout program. While there are features for this use, they are very limited and subject to various flaws. When transferring files between computers and switching between printers, Microsoft Word will reflow all of the text in the document in order to better accommodate the intended output device. Unfortunately there is no way to stop this from happening. Reflow of the documents varies with the length of the document and the amount of text that is filling each page. When we open the native files on our machine and print to any or our production printers, the program will reflow the document according to the specifications provided by the printer description file. Having the PPD installed on your machine and selected as the chosen printer when creating the file will help diminish the effect but will not stop the reflow in all cases. We will be happy to accept your native Microsoft Word files and output them, however we cannot correct the problems that are inherent in the program. In order to completely avoid this situation a true page layout program, such as 'FrameMaker', 'QuarkXPress' or 'InDesign' should be used.


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